Thursday, March 12, 2009

Russian media entangled in the status of Sergeant Glukhova.

SyuzhetyIscheznovenie junior sergeant Gluhova12.03.2009Gluhov received the status in Georgia, Russian news agencies bezhentsaVeduschie passed conflicting information about the Russian soldiers of Alexander Glukhova located in Georgia. Interfax reported that Glukhova was granted refugee status and privileges provided by law. " RIA Novosti, for its part, announced that the Russian fact is in Tbilisi as a refugee, but any procedure for obtaining a special status is not passed.
In doing so, the agency cited the statement by the same person - the spokesman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Shota Utiashvili.
The material said the tape appeared on the news about an hour and a half after the publication of "Interfax".
The representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs told the media that Glukhov are still living in Tbilisi and has no intention of returning to Russia, fearing arrest.
Recall that Junior Sergeant Alexander Glukhov Russian army in January 2009, escaped from his part in South Ossetia and moved on Georgian territory. The Ministry of Defense of Russia demanded his extradition, claiming that a soldier abducted by Georgian special services. Later, he became aware of preliminary data from a special commission to investigate the circumstances of the disappearance Glukhova: on its information, there was no abduction.

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