Thursday, March 26, 2009

The ex-governor of Illinois BlagojeviÄ worked radioveduschim.

SyuzhetyKorruptsionny scandal surrounding Governor Illinoysa03.03.2009Rod Blagojević write kniguByvshy Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevic, on Wednesday tried their hand at role radioveduschego. The politician-Democrat, accused of corruption and deposed from the Governor's office, held a transfer of Don Wade and Roma Morning Show, which is on the waves of WLS-AM radio station goes on air from 7 to 9 am local time.
"I just want to ask the right questions, good talk with my guests, as well as get the opportunity to talk with some radio listeners and express their views on issues of interest to all, - quoting Blagojević TV WLS-TV. - I look forward to two guests, one of them seems to be played by me on the stage. I look forward to meeting with this guy. "
As explained in the article Chicago Tribune, scandalous politician invited guests - actors, the musical "Rod Blagojevic - superstar." In February, a musical set in the Chicago improvised theater "second city" (The Second City), and from 26 March to 3 May, it will show viewers the Chicago Shakespeare Theater (Chicago Shakespeare Theater). In setting derided Adventures of corrupt former governor.
Progress in the show on Wednesday tracked in real time in one of the blogs on the newspaper Christian Science Monitor. Apparently, Blagojević successfully coped with the responsibilities of the lead and not lose the case pokritikovat new government, headed by Illinois Governor Petom Quinn: "Pat Quinn joined the corrupt bargain with lawmakers. They staged a fraudulent process of impeachment. I took the post of power, not giving to prove my innocence. "
At the end of 2008 against Blagojević have been accused of corruption: in particular, it is suspected of trying to sell the Senate seat from Illinois that freed after the election victory of President Barack Obama. The legislature of Illinois, without waiting for the court, in January announced Blagojević impeachment and moved it to the post. While awaiting the start of the process, the ex-governor did not "fall to the bottom" and all the forces of attracting public attention. Justice charges against him Blagojevic, categorically denies.

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