Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Detained in North Korea of American journalists will be judged.

Two American journalists detained by North Korean border guards on 17 March, brought to trial on charges of illegally crossing the border and the "hostile activities", reports BBC News, referring to North Korea информагентство KCNA.
Currently, according to KCNA, the investigation is continuing, and at the same time preparing materials for the process to have the charges are confirmed. The Agency explained that the fact of illegal entry into the territory of North Korea and suspicion of "hostile acts" as confirmed by evidence, and testimony from the detainees themselves.
Laura Lynn (Laura Ling) and Yna Lee (Euna Lee), journalists channel Current TV, were arrested during the shooting reporting on North Korean refugees in China. The exact place of detention is unknown, some media reported that the crew did not crossed the border and the incident occurred on the territory of China.
Experts note that in contrast to the almost impregnable border with South Korea, in the vicinity of the detention crew DPRK and China shared the shallow Tumen River border with a fairly narrow track, which crossed in many places is easy. As a journalist could unknowingly violate the border, and consciously try to remove the exclusive pictures on the territory of the DPRK.
According to official statements by the American administration, are all possible diplomatic efforts to release journalists. As the United States have no diplomatic with North Korea, a few days ago with the journalists for the first time since the arrest, met a representative of the Swedish Embassy. On the details of the meeting information is received.

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