Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Georgian opposition newspapers changed their native language to English.

Founder of the Georgian opposition newspaper The Georgian Times Malkhaz Gulashvili stated that due to the pressure provided to it by the authorities, the weekly will be published in English only. Publication in the Georgian language stops, Interfax reports.
At the briefing, held on Tuesday, March 17, Gulashvili called the proceedings "a terrible psychological pressure on him by the authorities of Georgia." He said that on March 13, the patrol police stopped his 16-year-old son and searched. The search took place, according to Gulashvili, "at gunpoint".
"I declare that the land begins with the family, and the protection of the family - my primary duty," - said Malkhaz Gulashvili. Note that currently on the website of the newspaper information is available in Georgian, Russian and English.
Law enforcement agencies in Georgia until the situation around Gulashvili did not comment.

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