Thursday, March 19, 2009

Singapore court fined Deputy Glavred The Wall Street Journal.

   The Supreme Court of Singapore was sentenced to a fine of 10 thousand Singapore dollars (6.6 thousand dollars), deputy chief editor of the magazine The Wall Street Journal, Melanie Kirkpatrick. On this March 19, said AFP.
The court acknowledged that in New York, Melanie Kirkpatrick himself accepted for publication in The Wall Street Journal Asia article, which unduly defame the judiciary in Singapore. These three papers published in June and July 2008. They questioned the independence of the courts of Singapore's Prime Minister and the ruling party.
In autumn 2008, for the same three articles had been fined for 25 thousand Singapore dollars (16.4 thousand U.S. dollars), the publishing company Dow Jones, which involved the issuance of The Wall Street Journal Asia.

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