Thursday, March 19, 2009

On NTV shooting stopped reporting on the status of guest workers.

KommentariiNet here ofisa23.07.2008NTV withdrew ester film of his better reporteraRukovodstvo NTV suspended shooting story about the life of Tajik guest workers in Moscow, who is preparing a journalist Andrei Loshak. He spoke about it in the air with Radio Liberty. According to the reporter on TV and thought the theme nizkoreytingovoy shooting postponed indefinitely.
The report by the example of the Tajik working on behalf of Said explains how difficult life is guest in times of crisis. According to the hero's story, the representatives of law enforcement agencies enjoy disempowered situation of migrants from the CIS countries and forced them to work for free. In the story says that Saeed has worked on the construction of MOE, where the contractor acted "Spetsstroy", which is housed in the Ministry of Defense. According to workers, they do not pay the money since the summer of 2008, and at the end of winter, and has not been with them, decided to suspend construction.
The reporter claims that the officers detained MBF many builders, as well as the contractor had not issued them with papers to work, and forcibly send them home, putting a stamp in their passports prohibiting entry to Russia for five years. According Loshak, the plot provides a few facts of this treatment of foreign workers.
The journalist said that the shooting had taken up the subject of guest workers, as well as recently in the media started a campaign against migrant workers from CIS countries, and he wanted to look into this topic.
Loshak is not the first time to face difficulties in showing their stories on television. So last summer, with the Moscow NTV ether was withdrawn by its story about the abuses in the resettlement of residential houses in the center of Moscow.
A copy of a report on the guest can be found in the resource Openspace.

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