Thursday, March 19, 2009

"New Izvestia" abandoned its own network of correspondents.

"New News" in the financial crisis are reducing staff and the volume of the newspaper, said the general director and chief editor Valery Yakov in an interview with Radio Liberty.
According to him, the newspaper is almost entirely abandoned its own network of correspondents, transferring former sobkorov in fees. "Our employees understand us. In general, they do not receive a salary, but write no less than written before, just get royalties," - said Yakov.
In addition, the editors were forced to merge three departments into one. Interns department policy, it was suggested to move to fees. Total staff of the "New Izvestia", according to editor in chief, declined by 18 percent. "A few people seemed to leave us until April," - added Jacob.
According to him, the newspaper is a loss, as investors who have been publishing credits, denied the "New Izvestiya" at the maintenance level of funding. Therefore, in order to avoid closure, the newspaper had to reduce its volume and circulation, as well as to suspend the withdrawal of a number of journals included in the publication.
It was also a reduction in salary. "Most of the leadership, starting with the chief editor and all of my deputies. The last thing we have reduced the salaries those journalists, who it was the lowest," - said Yakov.
On average, he said, wages had been reduced by about 30 per cent.

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