Friday, March 20, 2009

In Russia sharply Press.

KommentariiBez reklamy05.12.2008Krizis led to a reduction in income of Russian Media
   In January-February 2009 the retail price of publications in Russia grew by an average of 17-20 per cent. On this March 20, writes the newspaper Kommersant, citing information on the Guild of Periodical Press Publishers.
Vice-president of the Guild of Basil Gatov in an interview with a correspondent for the publication said that in previous years, retail price of newspapers and magazines grew at a rate of 10 percent per year. Incidentally, it is estimated surveyed Kommersant experts in Moscow and the rise in prices for the first two months of 2009 amounted to 10-15 per cent. Basically, the value of periodicals has increased at the expense of the regions. For example, in Omsk and Murmansk, according to Kommersant, some publications went up by 50-60 per cent.
Experts argue that the sharp rise in the cost of newspapers and magazines in early 2009 due to a simultaneous rise in prices of the publishers and distributors. Distributors, according to Kommersant, raised the prices due to come into force in January, changes in tax legislation. Costs are growing publishers in connection with the devaluation of the ruble: Many Russian media are printed abroad. In addition, because of the financial crisis of declining advertising revenues of publishers.
Kommersant has learned that the sales volumes of periodicals because of the price increase has not yet been reduced. However, analysts believe that rising prices had prevented an increase in sales of certain titles.

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