Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The lawsuit dismissed journalists' First Channel "to the court.

The claim of ex-journalists" First Channel "Oleg Ptashkina and Elkhan Mirzoyev protesting against the illegal, in their view, the dismissal before the court. This Mirzoev and Ptashkin said during a press conference in Moscow, said "Gazeta.Ru.
Dismissal Ptashkina and Mirzoyeva interested in the Russian media on 18 March, when journalists barricaded themselves in one of the offices in the telecentre "Ostankino" and declared an indefinite hunger strike. Former Correspondent "First Channel" have argued that their rights have been violated: they fired without payment of compensation to put, and Mirzoyeva not pay the unused vacation. Journalists threatened self-immolation and required to restore them to the posts, and then dismiss, this time - in accordance with law.
Interviewed the director of Television Technology Center, Mikhail Shubin, Mirzoev Ptashkin and left the room.
Guide "First Channel" refuted statements journalists that the separation had been violated their rights. March 19, citing sources in the administration of TV reported that Ptashkin and Mirzoev vneshtatnikami were so right to kompesatsii did not have. Moreover, Mirzoev, as argued by the same source, compensation for unused leave received.
Support Ptashkin and Mirzoyeva had Vice President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Russia Oleg Babich. He said that the Federation intends to file a complaint on behalf of correspondents in the General Prosecutor's Office dismissed.

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