Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Moscow, apprehended burglars Officer Kommersant.

Moscow police detained two people who tried to rob the flat head of the department of Foreign Affairs "Kommersant" Alexandra Platonova, Interfax reports with reference to the Chief Press Group ATC Northern District Victor Maximov.
Living in the house number 8 for the passage of birch groves reported to the police and private security company about suspicious individuals who were at the door of the apartment Platonova. At the scene, arrived ChOPa, there was a scuffle and one of them received severe stab wound.
Criminals tried to flee from the scene and stopped the car, which was 50-year-old woman. Its away from the car, but she managed to remove the ignition key and using signaling blocked the two criminals in the cabin. They were detained by police, yet the two robbers escaped.
The detainees have been tried repeatedly by citizens of Ukraine and Georgia. Prosecuted for "robbery" and "theft", the detainees have been charged.

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