Monday, March 16, 2009

Brother Anastasia Prikhodko sued the "MK".

KommentariiMamo (chki) 08.03.2009Rossiyu at Eurovision in Moscow will present the Ukrainian pevitsaNazar Prikhodko, brother of Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko, sued the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", Interfax reports . A relative of the performer, who will represent Russia at Eurovision-2009 ", believes that the article" Hitler was a human "in" MC "on March 12, contains false information, discrediting his family.
What are the requirements put forward Nazar Prikhodko not specified. Lawyer brother of Ukrainian singer confirmed that the lawsuit filed, but declined to comment on it.
The article "Anastasia Prikhodko:" Hitler was a right "referred to several statements the singer, which she made during participation in the" Star Factory - 7. "Journalists remembered insult that caused Prikhodko singer-mixed Cornelia Mango, as well as reasoning Ukrainka the "truth of Hitler" in national affairs. In addition, the article "MK said that he Nazar Prikhodko was" seen in the marches and actions of ultra-UNA UPDF.
Nazar Prikhodko said that the author of "MK" has reported false information, "which defame brother of the singer and his family. He also made a formal statement, which categorically denied involvement in the actions of Ukrainian nationalists.
Chief editor of "MK" Pavel Gusev already commented on the incident. Prior to filing suit, he said: "Very well, let him cast - the court to find out the truth." "On the Internet the whole thing with the singer's words hung for a long time, then removed it ... But if it was a forgery - it is a different matter," - added Goussev.
Anastasia Prikhodko March 7 wins in Russia's qualifying round of Eurovision-2009 ". For Ukrainka do not fall into the final round at home, voted in six of the 11-member jury.

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