Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dismissed the journalists' First Channel 'not involved in the state.

Dismissed reporters' First Channel' Elkhan Mirzoev and Oleg Ptashkin had no right to claim compensation, since it is not included in the state television reported "Novye Izvestia", referring to unnamed sources in the administration First Channel. "
"The fact is that Elkhan Mirzoev, and Oleg Ptashkin - both vneshtatniki. While on the compensation it may come only if people are laid off to reduce the state" - said an anonymous person "New news". According to him, made with Mirzoev TV Fixed-term employment contract, at the end of which he gave a full account. From Ptashkinym signed a labor agreement. In doing so, three days before his discharge, he was informed about this and received compensation for unused leave.
March 18, it became known that two of the dismissed employee "First Channel" barricaded in one of the classrooms in the telecentre "Ostankino" and declared an indefinite hunger strike. According to them, guide channel has violated their rights, was dismissed without payment of compensation and does not put paid Mirzoyeva unused vacation. Ptashkin Mirzoev and demanded to restore their positions, and then to dismiss in accordance with law. Otherwise, they threatened to make self-immolation.
According to the interlocutor of "New news", reporters agreed to leave the room TV after talks with the director of Television Technology Center, Mikhail Shubin. "Of course, no gasoline or kerosene from our former employees was not with them" - said the representative of the anonymous publication of "First Channel".
Day March 18, representatives of the "Defense", "Labor Russia", "Left Front", as well as a group natsbolov arranged in a television Ostankino picket in support of Elkhan Mirzoyev and Oleg Ptashkina. But after a few minutes after the start of the action the activists were dispersed by police.

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