Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mirax Group Company has filed in court by "the independent newspaper.

Developer Mirax Group has filed a petition on the protection of business reputation against" the Independent newspaper and author published in the article by Andrey Konkin, reports RIA Novosti. The lawsuit is aimed at the Arbitration Court of Moscow, the reason for the trial was the publication of "Mirage of Mirax Group".
In the company issued a press release stating that Mirax Group requires not only to refute the "do not correspond to reality, and tarnishes the reputation of the company, but also to reimburse the" non-pecuniary damage. " This published information as "false" and "untrue."
The article, which has the subtitle "company Sergey Polonskiy may repeat the fate of MMM" appeared in the Independent newspaper on Feb. 27, 2009, stated that the company will begin the procedure of bankruptcy and begin selling their property if it will not be able to agree on debt restructuring. In doing so, it was noted in the publication of the injured party would be "ordinary people, private investors who bought apartments in residential complexes, construction of which Mirax Group said in the coming years."
The author argued that Mirax Group has already frozen some of its projects. However, in his opinion, no serious steps to recover the money people paid housing in these homes are not planned.
Because the message is not clear exactly what information should be considered as false: the "frozen" on an object, the threat of bankruptcy or of the possible losses of investors. The Agency notes that the comments from the representatives of "the Independent newspaper have not been able to obtain.
Founded in 1994 in St. Petersburg company Mirax Group is working in Moscow since 2000. More than two-thirds of the shares of the company, which specializes in the construction of offices of Class "A" and elite housing, by Sergei Polonskaya. According to analysts estimated that the total debt of Mirax at the beginning of 2009 reached 778 million dollars. Previously, the company said in organized media campaign to discredit Mirax Group and its management. For information about the customer campaign announced a reward of 750 rubles.

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