Thursday, March 26, 2009

Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune will combine its correspondent network.

The U.S. newspaper Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune will combine its international cast of one, reported AFP on Wednesday, March 25.
The reason for this decision was a program to reduce costs, which is crisis management issues. Recall, in December 2008, the publishing house of Tribune, which owns both newspapers, announced its bankruptcy. Also noted that the Tribune was the second largest publishing house in the U.S., and the beginning of the procedures for bankruptcy has caused a great resonance.
The planned merger of the two networks have announced major correspondent Editors Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. They stressed that the reform will not affect the quality of coverage of world events. Reported that now the newspapers will be a joint international edition and it will be located in Los Angeles.
Currently, Chicago Tribune korpunkty there are in Beirut, Islamabad, London, Mexico City and Moscow, the Los Angeles Times - 15 korpunktov worldwide, including in Baghdad and Seoul. It is possible that the new international edition will serve the newspaper and other publishing houses Tribune, for example, The Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel.
AFP pointed out that since the fall of 2008 because of the recession in the U.S. advertising market, owing to the financial crisis, most American newspapers have been forced to significantly reduce their costs, leading to massive layoffs of journalists in various publications.

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