Monday, March 23, 2009

TV channel "Vesti" issue a new transfer of science and cinema.

On TV "News" A new structure for the production of programs focusing on science and research activities. In its framework, in addition to the already emerging scientific field program will be a total program Vesti. Nauka. In addition, announcing a new transfer on the film, informs "Interfax" referring to a press release of the TV.
The head of the scientific direction "West" named Evelina Zakamskaya. According to her, all of science will now be "interrelated single creative concept." New half-program "Vesti. Science will provide a digest of the program Rostehnologii", "Cosmos" and "Pulse," which has come to feed. However, refined Zakamskaya, it will consist of original stories and interviews.
Also reported on the preparations for the launch of the film industry. " According to the creators, it will go on Thursdays, and inform viewers about the film, which can be seen in cinemas in the coming weekend. It is anticipated that the transfer would be "detailed and entertaining review of new hire: snippets from movies, interviews with directors, actors and producers."

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