Friday, March 20, 2009

The Financial Times has launched a search engine for business news.

Group of Companies The Financial Times has launched semantic search engine business news Newssift, writes TechCrunch. Service, development of which took two years, 120 thousand daily indexes of the four thousand news sources.
Authors Newssift position as a resource guide on the basis of knowledge of the business. Search engine distributes news organizations, topics, location and people. Typing the appropriate columns are filled with interesting related theme keywords. This helps to clarify the request.
The mechanism of clustering of search results provided the company Endeca, has developed engines for such corporations and organizations such as Boeing, the U.S. Census Bureau, Ford, IBM and Toshiba.
Newssift allows you to save queries that in the future to come back to him and look at the updated extradition. This registration site is not required.
There are currently over the search engine undergoing beta is 25.

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