Thursday, March 19, 2009

The oldest American Dictionary "legalized" same-sex marriage.

In the U.S. media debate flared up, a word which has become an article on marriage in the oldest dictionary of American English language version of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Unlike the vast majority of state legislators, the authors of the dictionary decided that the word marriage (marriage, marriage) can be identified not only legally recognized relationship between a man and a woman, but same-sex unions, reports Fox News.
The compilers of the dictionary stated that their goal was to reflect the changes arising in the tongue and give users the most complete modern interpretation of the word, the more so that the addition "is neither new nor unusual." According to the publisher, Merriam-Webster is the last of the large dictionaries, which prevents that marriage can be same. This indicates that the word art was changed back in 2003. At the same time, the authoritative American The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, introduced a similar amendment in 2000.
Noteworthy that while in the Merriam-Webster dictionary article, "husband" and "wife" have remained unchanged - they are still embodied persons, respectively, male and female. As explained Fox News, recently an article on marriage has added assumption that he would be "lengthy Union partners of one sex and a world-renowned The Oxford English Dictionary.
In recent years, activists in the American gay movement held in many states of the Union campaign against the legalization of same-sex marriage. The most widely known has become a multi-year resistance to the supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage in California, where more than 18 thousand gay couples had formally register their relationship. However, in a referendum in November 2008, most residents agreed that the marriage - an alliance of men and women, followed by same-sex marriage in the state have been banned.
Discussion of whether the word "marriage" and "marriage" means a union of persons of one sex, is continuing in various professional, social and political communities across the country. At the moment, in most states, legislators have expressed a preference for the traditional interpretation of the word "marriage" as a union between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriage officially recognized only in two states: Connecticut and Massachusetts.
The first edition of Noah Webster's Dictionary (Noah Webster), containing about five thousand words of American variant of English, appeared in 1806. According to the author, the dictionary should reflect the real question the new nation, so it includes the words that were not included in any of his modern British dictionaries. In 1828 came the famous two-Webster dictionary edition, which contained more than 70 thousand entries.

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