Tuesday, March 24, 2009

North Korea suspected of spying two American journalists.

Authorities North Korea is suspected of spying two American journalists who were detained at the border with China, reports AFP referring to South Korean newspapers.
Laura Lynn (Laura Ling) and Yna Lee (Euna Lee), journalists channel Current TV, were arrested on March 17. Presumably, the next day they brought in Pyongyang. Investigators are questioning, as well as notebooks and watch videos of reporters in search of evidence that they spied for the North Korean military enterprises, said unnamed representative of the Republic of Korea intelligence.
U.S. State Department confirmed that two journalists of this country are held in the DPRK. However, between Pyongyang and Washington has no diplomatic relations, and the U.S. asked Seoul collect information about where there may be detained.
Reported that the officers shot the media reportage on North Korean refugees in China. If they are found guilty of espionage, they face at least five years in prison. If amerikanok accused in military espionage, as well as illegal border crossing, they may be put at 20 years or more.
Relations between North Korea and the U.S. have recently deteriorated after the States and the Republic of Korea held joint military exercises. In addition, the U.S. suspected that the DPRK's launch of the telecommunications satellite is a cover to test a ballistic missile.

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