Thursday, March 12, 2009

The main editors of two Azerbaijani newspapers arrested for extortion.

   In Baku arrested for soliciting the main editors of two newspapers reported March 11, IA Regnum.
Against the chief editor of "Dovlyat ganunlary" Nazim Guliyev and his colleagues from the newspaper "Respublika ganunlary" Zamanata Azimova prosecuted under racketeering. " The suspects were detained for another 10 March, but so far law enforcement check, if they are relevant to these media.
According to the investigation, the journalists demanded 500 manat (about 620 dollars) from the unnamed owner of the Baku cafe Najib Kyazymovoy. In case of refusal, they threatened to publish an article that Kyazymovoy cafe is "a hotbed of debauchery."

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