Monday, March 23, 2009

Saudi klerikaly required to remove women from the TV screen.

In Saudi Arabia, a group of 35 conservative religious figures sent to the Ministry of Information and Culture with a letter requesting to prohibit the appearance on television of women as journalists, as well as the interviewees. In addition, in the view of fundamentalists, the ban should also extend to the publication of photographs of women in newspapers and magazines, reports Fox News.
"No Saudi women should not appear on TV, no matter what occasion. No picture women should not appear in Saudi newspapers and magazines," - says the newly appointed Minister addressed a letter. The message also demanded to ban the broadcast of music and music programs.
Particular resentment aroused from supporters of traditional Islam reforms undertaken the leadership of the former Ministry. Then the women were not only allowed to work on the television journalists and appear on the screen and open people, but also to interview men. The authors of the letter stated that the new leadership should halt this practice, which, from their point of view, contrary to the basics of Islam.
The publication notes that, despite the increasing pressure on the ministry, such treatment is unlikely to lead to a tightening of its policy. Appointment February 14, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia's new Minister of Information and Culture, accompanied by the removal from office the most notorious conservatives and supporters of fundamentalism.
The official religion is Islam in the kingdom, but as the Criminal Code apply Sharia law. The country legalized discrimination based on sex, women are prohibited from participating in elections, and even drive a car. This prohibition applies not only to local women, but also in the country for foreign women.

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