Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TV channel NTV has become a leader in reducing the volume of advertising.

Average number of advertisements on NTV declined in January-February 2009 to 35,2 percent in comparison with the data for the last few months of 2008. This figure was the worst among all federal TV channels, said the record company AdMonitor, available at "Lenty.Ru.
In general, almost all federal TV channels reduced advertising, as measured in its minutes. Thus, the "first" decline of 4.4 per cent, "Russia" - 17,8 percent, while the "TV Center" - 26 per cent. The exceptions were the CCC TV and TV-3 - on the volume of advertising increased by 1.1 and 58.4 percent respectively.
STS and TV-3 have become leaders and to absolute figures. During January-February at the CCC twist on the average of 5.5 minutes, thousands of advertising, and TV-3 - 5,89 thousand. The last thing the audience saw the advertisement of TNT - thousands of 3,13 minutes.
It should be noted that TV advertising does not sell in minutes, and at special points ranking GRP, reflecting the number of posmotrevshih movie. That is why a large amount of advertising does not mean growth in revenues.
Previously, it was reported that the largest advertisers, spending on television declined, but not by reducing the activity and due to discounts, which they managed to get on TV in a crisis. In doing so, gradually decreases and the number of advertisers on TV: Many of the companies could no longer afford expensive advertising campaigns.

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