Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Laid off correspondents "First Channel" supported natsboly.

Representatives of several social movements, on Wednesday, March 18, arranged in a television Ostankino picket in support of two laid-off employees "First Channel" Elkhan Mirzoyev and Oleg Ptashkina. As reported by Radio Liberty, took part in the action activists "Defense", "Labor Russia" and "Left Front", as well as a group natsbolov.
The organizers said, "Freedom", which consider it necessary to express solidarity telekorrespondentam which, they claimed, had been dismissed illegally. "In our time, many may find themselves in this situation", - explained natsbol Vitaly Konstantinov.
According to Liberty, picket prostoyali a telecentre seven minutes, after which they dispersed by police officers. According to press secretary "Left Front" Anastasia Udaltsova, no one was detained.
Earlier on Wednesday, March 18, reported that Elkhan Mirzoev and Oleg Ptashkin dismissed with the "First Channel", barricaded in one of the classrooms in the "Ostankino" and declared a hunger strike to protest against violations of their rights upon separation. Later there were evidence that the protesters forcibly removed from the premises and where it led. The fate of Mirzoyeva Ptashkina and is not yet known.
"" throughout the day, tried several times to contact the "first channel", but there are responsible, that the people authorized to comment, currently can not give them.
It managed to tell the "Freedom" Mirzoev, his colleague had not paid upon separation or severance pay or compensation for unused leave. Moreover, the journalist claims that, although he announced the dismissal on March 2, according to records in the employment record, he was dismissed for another 30 January.
According to a statement Mirzoyeva and Ptashkina published on the website "left front", they worked on the "First Channel" in the studio of special projects. Journalists claim to be victims of fraud by the management of JSC "First Channel" and "The Green Studio", which laid-off employees called the "pocket, a family organization."

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