Monday, March 16, 2009

NTV gave way "home" for the growth of revenues.

Revenue channels NTV and TNT, owned by Gazprom-Media "in 2008 grew by 28.5 and 51 percent respectively, writes Vedomosti. The growth rate surpassed only NTV channel "Home", which revenues grew by 43.8 per cent to 80 million dollars.
Revenue NTV and TNT, amounted to 716.5 and 420 million dollars, has grown faster than the market, which for the year increased by 22 percent. For comparison, revenue rose 22 SPC per cent to 507.6 million dollars.
Proceeds of the "Gazprom-Media" has increased by 28,8 percent to 1,63 billion dollars. Channel accounts for 70 percent of revenues holding.
According to the Association of Communications Agencies of Russia, in 2008, the TV market rose from 112.5 to 137.6 billion rubles.

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