Friday, March 20, 2009

Gosteleradiofond put their archives on the Internet.

Gosteleradiofond free of charge on the web videos from their archives, reports Kommersant. First, at planned to put 40 hours of content, including such programs as "Pub 13 chairs", "Hockey Canada-Soviet Union", "Чуковский visiting the children."

In the future, the Internet, according to Deputy Director Gosteleradiofonda Varlamov Chogovadze will be available editions Transmission "Good night, kids", "In the world of animals," "Travel Club", "Blue light" and others. "For us, this project is important, above all, to promote our archive," - said Chogovadze.

According to the Kommersant, develop projects and manage the portal will be the company Uravo. According to its Director, Andrew Hakobian, service will be free. The user will need to simply register and download from the site of a program for viewing video. Project should pay for the expense of advertising.

In the first phase Uravo master plans to attract a sponsor, who will be granted exclusive rights to advertising. Believes Andrei Akopian, the site will attract a young audience that is interested in history, and people older than 35 years, whose program of the storage Gosteleradiofonda trigger nostalgia.

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