Monday, March 16, 2009

MTV Asia will struggle with the slave trade through anime.

On TV MTV Asia will be held March 20 premiere of animated film to combat the slave trade. As reported by AFP, half-cartoon called "Intersection" ( "Crossroads").
The cartoon will be part of a series published with the support of U.S. government programs on human trafficking and sexual slavery in the Far East. History, which is the basis for the script, told from the points of view of five characters: victims, traffickers, brothel hostess, customer and police.
Cartoon voice Everingem star Ananda (Ananda Everingham) and Glavno MTV Taya Rogers (Taya Rogers). Music for the soundtrack was provided by the group Radiohead.
Last year, Channel MTV concert organized in Cambodia, also aims at combating human trafficking. According to UN estimates, at present in the world at least 2.5 million victims of the slave trade and about half of people held in slavery took place in Asia. Abducted women often brought into Singapore and Malaysia. Slave trade - the second largest illegal trade after the sphere of drug trafficking. Profits from trafficking is 10 billion dollars a year.

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