Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The name of American comedian to be the best name for a new module of the ISS.

Name of the U.S. and TV satirist Stephen Kolberta won the NASA conducted an internet poll to determine the name for the new module on the International Space Station, the Associated Press on March 23.
The name "Kolbert" substantially ahead of all four variants of the names proposed by NASA. When it became known that users will be able to suggest options for the name of the compartment, Kolbert, in its author's transfer of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central channel called the audience to vote for him.
As a result, the name of Colbert endorsed at NASA 230,539 people, about 40 thousand votes more than the number who voted for the most popular of the proposed Space Agency variants - Serenity. In total, the survey was attended by about 1,2 million people.
Nevertheless, representatives of NASA said that the organization reserves the final decision, but promised to "seriously reflect" all options, directed a large number of votes in the poll. Name of the module will be announced in April, but on the ISS can be delivered in 2010.

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