Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chinese journalists were removed from the work of false news.

The Chinese authorities have banned a journalist Tun Tsichzhi (Tong Qizhi) to work in the media. As reported at the site of China Daily, the ban is a lifetime one.
Tsichzhi engaged in fabricating news. He worked as a freelance journalist in the newspaper West China City Daily, published in Sichuan province, and highlighted the participation of Chinese ships in operations against Somali pirates in Aden zalive.Tun Tsichzhi said that receive messages from friends who have served in the army, and was based on notes that reported by other media. For example, he reported that an Indian submarine had the Chinese ships, and after an hour against submarine had to return to port.
Posts Tsichzhi were published in the local press on 18-19 January, and February 3, they reprinted the other Chinese publications.

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