Friday, March 13, 2009

French court will not give Noga arrest accounts said.

The Court of Appeal of Paris rejected the Swiss company Noga's claim to arrest the accounts of the Russian Information Agency "Novosti" reports. Thus it was confirmed the decision of the Court of First Instance, which found that Noga has demanded the arrest of accounts said because of the debts of Russia groundlessly.
Representatives of the company Noga claimed that Russian authorities should be to 49 million euros. In this regard, the 79 thousand euros in the account said, as well as the assets of a number of other Russian organizations and institutions located in the French banks, were arrested at the request of Noga in early 2008. As a Swiss company decided that RIA Novosti, in particular, is one of the structural units of the Russian government, and therefore should Noga money.
The representatives said protested the arrest of the accounts in the court, which ruled in favor of Russian journalists. Noga also obliged to pay the said compensation in the amount of 15 thousand euros.
In the early 1990's the company Noga has received a contract for the supply of goods to Russia. Then, at the request of the Government contract was terminated because the Swiss company could not prove the exact price of imported goods in Russia. The company claims that Russia should it 49 million euros. Representatives Noga has repeatedly tried to make the arrest and disposition in its favor of Russian assets abroad.

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