Friday, March 13, 2009

Channel "Sport" has received the rights to broadcast the championship of Russia on football.

Channel "Sport" has received from the channel, NTV-Plus sublicense to broadcast matches to the championship of Russia on football, the internet edition of Chempionat.Ru. The agreement between the channel "Sport" and channel "NTV-Plus, which owns the basic license, was reached on 12 March and the first round of championship matches of Premier League will be held on 14 and 15 March.
As the main producer of the directorate of sports channel NTV-Plus "Dmitry Chukovskaya, in the coming week-end channel" Sport "can be broadcast to hold the first round of two matches - one live and one in the record. According to this scheme the channel "Sport" will show the matches throughout the season.
The program, published on the official website of "Sports" broadcast matches championship Russia on 14 and 15 March did not appear. Note that the "NTV-Plus is planning to show all the championship games in the Premier League live (in various sports channels). In addition, one match of each round of live shows first channel.
In January this year, the channel "Sport" at the time did not file an application for the acquisition of sublicense from NTV-Plus. Then sublicense estimated cost of six million dollars. For how much it was bought on 12 March, are not reported.

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