Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Media obliged to specify the owner when registering.

In Russian legislation could be introduced a rule requiring a founder of the media during registration to indicate the owner of the publication. Reported Vedomosti.
These adjustments are a working group to improve legislation on the media sent to the Office of the President and the Ministry. They should bring the media in accordance with the laws of copyright, personal data and countering extremism.
However, as the newspaper reported members of the Working Group Secretary of the Union of Journalists, Mikhail Fedotov, in most cases, the fog in this area does not scatter. " According to him, as the owner "will indicate any JSC. Nevertheless, as pointed out by Fedotov, "all the same we will be closer to the standards of transparency."
Currently, Article 10 of the Law "On mass media" requires registration with the state media, only information about the founders, and that, with respect to any other media, the claimant is the founder, owner, chief editor, publisher or distributor. In addition, you must provide details of the nature of recorded media, sources of funding and Editorial.

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