Monday, March 16, 2009

Russia has spent $ 10 million on public relations.

Over the past two and a half years the government of Russia spent on services to U.S. and European PR-agency $ 10 million, says the magazine The New Times.
In particular, the publication noted, the interests of the Russian Government was represented by the firm Ketchum, Washington Group and Gplus Europe. For the first time, Russia sought the services of these firms, in preparation for the summit of G8, which was held in 2006 in St. Petersburg. During the Russian government has paid 2 million dollars.
Then, according to The New Times, in early 2007, Russia signed a contract with Ketchum, amounting to 845 thousand dollars for the provision of PR-services, lobbying and support of contacts with the American edition.
As the magazine writes, over the past two years, Russia has signed with the Washington Group and Ketchum contracts totaling more than 8 million dollars. Under these contracts PR-firm preparing the meeting of Russian politicians with the White House and Congress, have helped organize Питерский Economic Forum and the Valdai Club.
In addition, the Agency organized numerous interviews with Russian politicians leading American media - CNN, ABC Nes, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and others.

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