Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Court made the site of The Guardian to remove the scandalous documents on bank Barclays.

British court ordered the administration of the website of the newspaper The Guardian to remove the free access of multiple documents bank Barclays. They were allegedly on the website of the newspaper, described the scheme of tax avoidance in which the bank could save millions of dollars.
Law firm Freshfields, which represents the interests of Barclays, insisted that they find themselves at the disposal of The Guardian documents are the property of the bank, and came to the journalists from the man who captured the trading illegally, in violation of nondisclosure agreements.
By not updated because the case took place late at night: the judge called the lawyer, The Guardian, and the conflict was discussed on the phone. Half an hour later, half the third night, the decision was taken, and the newspaper was required to remove the documents.
According to journalists, The Guardian, to come to them Securities Barclays pointed out, as a subsidiary of the bank, responsible for operations in the stock markets, had tried through the chain оффшоров razmestit16 billion dollars in U.S. debt. Under this scheme, Barclays was able to save on taxes is "hundreds of millions of pounds," argues The Guardian.
The documents were made available to journalists by a former employee of the bank. Representatives of The Guardian noted that filed the appeal the court's decision.

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