Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Novaya Gazeta has accused the movement" Nashi "in an attempt to bribe.

" Novaya Gazeta has accused the activists of the movement "Nashi" of provocation, saying that he offered to pay the publication of several million rubles a month for publishing a custom material, writes in the Saturday newspaper Kommersant.
According to the publication of the deputy director of "Novaya Gazeta" Valery Shiryaev, recently in the newspaper came a man, who introduced Dmitry Krestovsky. He suggested that the newspaper mentioned the deal and said that the contract articles were prepared to pay some disgraced oligarchs and party.
"This man made a shocking impression on us. It was a very strange mixture of self, and incompetence. I had thought at once him to send three letters, but it hurt, he was brazen," - told "Kommersant" Shiryaev. By assigning Krestovsky regular meeting, the journalists have reported about all the police.
When Krestovsky again came to the Editor to send an advance payment of 89 thousand rubles, he was arrested by police and released after questioning. It turned out that his real name - Dmitry Kopylov, and he, according to "Novaya Gazeta", a militant movement "Nashi".
Press Secretary of "our", in turn, stated that Kapylou was really active in the movement, but about a year ago he had ceased to appear among us. " However, according to Shiryaeva still March 26 in the office of the movement he confirmed that they are in Kapylou.
Remember, March 26 Movement "Our stated intention to sue the" New newspaper for publishing the material in which one of the commissioners, "our" suspected of involvement in the attack on Boris Nemtsov, which occurred on 23 March in Sochi.

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