Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" filed in the court did not pass on the Duma party.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" filed in court by five political parties that did not pay his edition for the placement of political advertisements during the campaign for the elections to the Duma in 2007. Claims, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper "Kommersant" were filed March 16 in the Arbitration Court of Moscow.

The publication is trying to recover from the Democratic Party of Russia (DPR), "Patriots of Russia", ATP, Yabloko and the Agrarian Party of 3,16 million rubles for "services to place political advertisements." In doing so, lawyers "Russian newspaper" does not exclude that as a result of debts of those parties may be deemed uncollectible and written off.

According to Russian law, like "Kommersant", the party does not get more than 3 percent of the votes in elections to the Parliament is obliged to reimburse the costs of public media in their election advertising, free of charge is placed in the course of the campaign.

At the end of December 2008 at the Arbitration Court of Moscow has already turned the channel "TV-Center", requiring parties to "Apple" and "Patriots of Russia" for the 6,9 million rubles for the broadcast, provided during the election campaign. On the financial claims of the "Yabloko" and said "First Channel".

Democratic Party of Russia, the ATP and the Agrarian Party, recalls "Kommersant", the autumn of 2008, ceased to exist. Agrarian Party became a member of United Russia, the ATP announced on self, but the DWP has been transformed social organization.
Representatives of Yabloko, in turn, have repeatedly stated that the party lacks the funds to repay debt owed to the media.

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