Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holding company Prof-Media has taken the latest FM-frequency in Moscow.

At last a free frequency in the FM-range of Moscow radio station will begin broadcasting "Voyage FM". It writes the newspaper Kommersant, the draft implementing JSC Broadcasting Corporation Prof-Media "(VKPM), part of holding" Prof-Media "by Vladimir Potanin.
According to the President VKPM Alexander Varin, 96,0 FM frequency belongs to businessman Oleg Chaminu to receive a share of advertising revenue created by the radio station. VKPM will deal with the formation of policy and program advertising sales.
Chamin often bought in April 2007 and since then several times tried to run it on various projects. Experts estimate that the value of frequency has fallen sharply since the crisis began, and for non-players on media market cooperation with major holdings is the last opportunity to benefit from invested funds.
"Voyage FM" will be the fifth radio station holding company Prof-Media, which manages the "Autoradio", NRG, "Humor FM", radio "Alla", as well as a portal of Internet radio stations "".

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