Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Putin will present a crisis plan to the public.

The Government of Russia intends to publish a media crisis plan for the subsequent expert and public debate. The statement was made by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a meeting on economic issues. His words RIA News.
The Prime Minister also said that the crisis plan will come to the State Duma at the same time with the adjusted budget for 2009. In addition, the government, according to Putin, will change the program of anti-crisis actions in the light of developments in the global economy.
To ensure that the crisis plan has been prepared, Putin urged the government to conduct an inventory and analysis of all measures aimed at countering the recession in the economy. "As a result of the work will be prepared a comprehensive document. It will have as its previous decision, which should be continued, and new plans, which are up to the end of 2009", - quotes Putin, "Interfax".
Previously, it was reported that the Government is willing to devote to crisis measures in 2009 to six trillion rubles. Because of this cost the federal budget is not only not diminished but increased. According to the latest figures for the year they will be 9,5-9,6 trillion rubles in the original design of nine trillion rubles. Earnings at this reduced by 42 percent compared with the plan and did not exceed 6.3 trillion rubles. The shortfall will be met from the contingency fund.

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