Friday, March 27, 2009

Russian parties will forgive the debts of the pre-broadcast.

As soon as possible to the State Duma of Russian Federation may be amended by the parties to forgive the debts of the pre-broadcast in 2007. This write "Vedomosti", referring to anonymous sources in the CEC of Russia and State Duma.
According to the interlocutor of the publication of the CEC, the initiative belonged to United Russia, which inherited the debts of the Agrarian Party after the merger.
In turn, a source in Parliament said "Vedomosti" that the amendment prepares the administration on domestic policy president, who has already started to discuss this issue with the factions. According to him, the debt will be preceded by a complex legal procedure.
The publication said that by law, the parties involved in the campaign receive free airtime in the state media. However, if the party receives less than 3 percent of the votes, it is obliged to pay the media.
According to the CEC, which cause "Vedomosti," the 2007 "Apple" owes for political advertising is almost 170 million rubles, "Civilian Power" - 168.5 million rubles, the Agrarian Party - 161,3 million rubles, the Democratic Party - 161 million rubles, "the Union of Right Forces" - 159 million rubles.
As reported, the claims against the parties with the requirement to pay for political advertising has already filed a "TV-Center" and "Channel" and the "Russian Newspaper".

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