Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wiesenthal Center accused the newspaper of the American Anti-Semitism.

Jewish organizations accused the newspaper of the U.S. anti-Semitism. The reason was a cartoon on the topic of Israeli policy in Gaza, which is published on their sites various American publications. In particular, the outrage expressed in the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the League Against Defamation.
From the figure - known political cartoonist Pat Oliphant (Pat Oliphant), whose work is published in The New York Times and other leading newspapers. At caused resentment cartoon depicted marching headless man with a sword in his hand and dressed in military uniforms, which katit huge Star of David on a small female figure with the caption "Gaza." According to the Associated Press, Wiesenthal Center calls from editor to remove the cartoon from the site.
Leadership Center, based in Los Angeles and more than 400 thousand members in the U.S., argues that the figure Oliphant ochernyaet and demonize the Israeli state. "The image on this cartoon mimic poisonous anti-Semitic propaganda of Nazism, and the times of the Soviet Union - said the Center. - Such as this cartoon in the 1930's and raised the hatred in the hearts of millions of people and helped the Nazis uchinit genocide."
In the same vein, was made by the League Against Defamation (ADL), calling its objectives the fight against anti-Semitism and xenophobia. New York TV WCBS-TV, quoting the national ADL director Abraham Foksmana (Abraham Foxman), which is called the cartoon "abhorrent" and "anti-Semitic." "To compare Israel to protect its men, women and children from the bombs, with the Nazis - is a political crime is admissible boundary dispute. This is a fanatical intolerance," - said Foksman.
Pat Oliphant is considered one of the most popular cartoonists in the world, in 1967 he became the owner of the Pulitzer Prize. Since 1995, the artist's work sold for simultaneous publication in the various editions of the United States and foreign countries. Earlier Oliphant cartoons have caused dissatisfaction among the representatives of Asian and Arab diaspora dollars. Drawing on a theme dedicated to the Gaza operation "Cast lead, which Israel carried out from December to January in response to rocket attacks by Hamas militants.

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