Monday, March 23, 2009

Malaysia banned the two opposition newspapers.

Malaysia for three months, banned the printed newspaper "Suara Keadilan" and "Harakah", belonging to opposition parties, reported AFP.
According to the People's Justice Party (PKR), whose body is printed "Suara Keadilan", in a letter about the suspension of the Government newspaper, the reasons for the discontinuation of the publication is not identified. "We fear that this is just the beginning of the freedom of the press in the country," - said a member of PKR, adding that the party would continue to print "Suara Keadilan", despite the ban.
Secretary Panmalaziyskoy Islamic party (PAS), which belongs to "Harakah", stated the intention to parties to file a court appeal against the decision of the Government. "This violation of freedom of the press ... and yet another sign of a new wave of repression, which begins with the coming to power Najib Razak," - said the representative of PAS.
Najib Razak (Najib Razak) is currently the leader of the ruling party - United Malaysian National Organization (UMNO). He is expected to succeed Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) to exit after the UMNO, which begins March 24.
In the next few weeks in Malaysia as elections officials.
In the parliamentary elections in March 2008, the ruling coalition of the country for the first time since 1969, has been unable to dial the usual two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. In June the same year the People's Justice Party leader Anwar Ibrahim was accused of homosexuality is prohibited in Malaysia. In response, Anwar Ibrahim accused the government of Malaysia in fabricating the case against him to prevent the opposition come to power.

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