Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian-language newspaper has suspended production after the threats.

In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian-language newspapers suspended release "Faces", the "Fergana.Ru" on Wednesday, March 25.
Chief editor of the weekly Bermet Bukasheva told the agency that the decision to suspend the edition was made after the recent attack on journalist Reporter-Bishkek "Syrgaka Abdyldaeva. According to the editor in chief, after an incident with Abdyldaeva to the editor of "People" called the unknown, and some expressed wishes. " What threats were addressed to Editorial threat Bukasheva not specified.
Remember, the attack on journalist Syrgaka Abdyldaeva occurred March 3, 2009 near the building of the newspaper "Reporter Bishkek. Abdyldaeva caused about 30 stab wounds and two broken hands. Currently, the journalist in hospital, the crime is not solved.
Bermet Bukasheva said that her disappointment is how society reacted to the attack on Syrgaka Abdyldaeva. "We have a moral decay, there is disappointment in the opposition in power in the society," - she explained. According to editor-in-chief, directing the publication had not yet decided whether it would be the newspaper of the past 10 years again available, or will be sold to another owner.
"Fergana.Ru" notes that the weekly "Faces" often publish material that contained criticism of the Kyrgyz authorities, so the newspaper has a reputation as an independent publication.

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