Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The publishers have asked Google to get rid of mediaparazitov.

The biggest publishing houses and companies have asked Google to give them priority in information retrieval extradition writes AdAge.com. They believe that currently in the top lines are often "parasites" using someone else's exclusive content.
Publishers are also not happy that links to paid content is displayed below free. Because of the low areas in the search results they will lose revenue from advertising and fee-view articles.
In January, one of the top managers of The New York Times demonstrated the "incorrectness" in the extradition case of the Gaza Strip. After entering the query "Gaza" in Google, instead of fresh articles from authoritative media have links to the old notes BBC News, Wikipedia, and even anti-Semitic video on YouTube. Recent reports The New York Times proved to be much lower.
In the advisory board of publishers with Google, whose members are asked to change the issuance of the search engine, includes representatives from BusinessWeek, ESPN, Hearst, Meredith, The New York Times, Time Inc. and The Wall Street Journal.
Regular meeting of Council held on 30 April. It was expected that its representatives from Google will respond to the claims of publishers.

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