Friday, March 27, 2009

Radio Voice of Russia "will broadcast in Ukrainian and Georgian.

Radio Voice of Russia "will broadcast in Ukrainian and Georgian languages, writes edition Kommersant-Ukraine" on Friday, March 27.
According to the newspaper, from March 30, 2009 Public Broadcasting Company (WGD), "The Voice of Russia will expand its presence in Latin America, and will begin broadcast in Ukrainian and Georgian languages.
The Ukrainian government regulation of broadcasting does not have plans to WGD, if the broadcasting company will comply with the legislation of Ukraine. The statement was made by publication of a member of the National Council on Television and Radio Vladislav Lyasovsky. "We do not intend to apply any sanctions against it" - he explained.
The author of the material to note that changes in the broadcasting WGD in line with Moscow's foreign plants. Sources of publications have argued that in 2008 at a meeting of the Security Council of Russia, it was decided to intensify the efforts of Russia to form the information space in adjacent states.
With regard to the information of Russia in Latin America, remember that in March 2009 Russian-language TV channel "Inter Russia TV Channel", based in Panama City, began broadcasting around the clock on the region.

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