Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dismissed employees "First Channel" barricaded in Ostankino.

Two former employees of First Channel barricaded in one of the classrooms in the telecentre "Ostankino" and declared an indefinite hunger strike. According to the radio station CITY-FM, Elkhan Mirzoev and Oleg Ptashkin protest against the manner of his dismissal, which they described as illegal.
It is noted that the protesters threatened to pour himself with gasoline and make self-immolation, if they try to use force.
According to the radio correspondents who worked in the studio of special projects, were dismissed on 2 March. Mirzoev and Ptashkin argue that leadership "First Channel" violated their rights because if they do not dismiss the required compensation has been paid.
Now correspondents need to restore them to positions and then to dismiss in accordance with law. Reported that they sent a complaint to the President of the Russian Federation, the Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as the State Duma and the Public Chamber.
According to the latest figures released by "Gazetoy.Ru" Mirzoyeva Ptashkina and all, was forced to leave the room in which they lived. One correspondent reported by telephone that they were "somewhat to the lead."

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