Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ukrainian media obliged to respect the native language.

BYuT faction MP Yuri Gnatkevich registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill on which all of the Ukrainian media will be obliged to go in the Ukrainian language, writes Kommersant.
The new rules affect all print and electronic media, with both public and private. Do not jump into the Ukrainian language will allow only those publications that go to national minorities.
According to Gnatkevicha, 90 percent of the mass media in Ukraine are published in Russian. "We must compel the Ukrainians to respect the native language and speak it. And an enormous educational role in this played by the media" - he said.
In turn, the head of the National Union of Journalists, Igor Lubchenko, which brings the words "Kommersant", opposed the initiative BYuT MPs. He stressed that the State would cost to support the Ukrainian language, rather than force people to read it.
According to the publication, zakonproekt "On the state language and the languages of national minorities" to regulate not only the media. Thus, the army will be obliged to apply disciplinary measures against officers who at the time of ignoring the national language.

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