Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The government of Moscow will hand over the letter "Murzilki.

Moscow Government intends to award wording child literary and art magazine" Murzilki "diploma, RIA Novosti reported, citing sources in the city administration.
Literacy is dedicated to the anniversary of the magazine. According to the mayor's office, it will be presented with the phrase "for his great contribution to moral and aesthetic education of the younger generation and at the 85 th anniversary since its foundation."
The first issue of the journal Murzilki "was released May 16, 1924. While the main characters depicted in the publication of a small dogs. In 1937, the artist created thereafter Aminadav Kanevsky popular image Murzilki as yellow fluffy man in a red beret with a scarf and a camera over his shoulder.
In "Murzilki" started to publish many children's writers, who were then famous - Samuil Marshak, Sergey Mikhalkov, Yelena Blaginina Boris Zahoder, Agnija Barteau.
Currently, the monthly circulation of 75 thousand copies.

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