Friday, February 20, 2009

New York Post apologized for the cartoon of a monkey in terms of Obama.

New York Post newspaper apologized to all those offended cartoon published on 18 February with pristrelennym police chimpanzees. Many saw in the picture hints at the U.S. president Barack Obama and accused the publication of racism.
In an editorial the newspaper explained that the cartoon ridiculed unfit, according to the publication, the plan to stimulate the American economy, Obama proposed by the Administration. The authors had no intention to portray the president himself.
At the same time, the publication noted that the publication of cartoons has become a long-standing opposition newspapers for the occasion to settle scores. Editors said that is not going to ask for forgiveness from them.
According to agency Reuters, the day after the publication of cartoons in front of New York Post editorial was a rally, hundreds of whom carried banners "Stop Racism!" and called for a boycott of the publication.
The scandal caused a cartoon in which a well-known illustrator Sean Delonas depicted two policemen shot and killed the monkey. One of them said that: "Now to look for another to create a plan for keeping the economy."
The basis of the plot pattern became sensational news about how to shoot advertising performing chimpanzees attacked girlfriend mistress. Rage animals were unable to calm down, even at the scene due to the police, who were forced to shoot a chimpanzee-telezvezdu.

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