Friday, February 13, 2009

Yevgeny Petrosyan demanded for their photos to 10 million dollars.

Russian humorist Eugene PETROSYAN calls in the U.S. Court of two television companies U.S. $ 10 million for using his image in advertising. This write "Vedomosti" on Friday, February 13.
As has been known to publish, in the eastern district court of New York City is a hearing on a lawsuit Yevgeny Petrosyan, the U.S. satellite television operator DirecTV Group. As follows from the claim, a copy of which is available to the wording of "Vedomosti", in July 2007, the company held a promotional TV package for the Russian-speaking residents of New York. During the event representatives of the company distributed fliers with the image of Petrossian. This photo was used VGTRK. Comedian found using these images illegally, and in April 2008 filed on DirecTV in the court, considering the damage caused to U.S. $ 10 million.
Holding VGTRK brought on the suit as co-Petrossian.
According to Vedomosti, the lawsuit PETROSYAN called "an icon of national culture", but his popularity in Russia compared with the world-famous Robin Williams and Woody Allen. Since PETROSYAN never was in advertising, the actions of DirecTV look particularly "egregious," stated a claim. Note that the same amount praised in April 2008, the illegal use of his image in advertising the company American Apparel Woody Allen.
Yevgeny Petrosyan, "Vedomosti" that considers it premature to comment on the case.
PR-director of DirecTV Robert Mercer explained in an interview with "Vedomosti" that the company has not violated the rights of draws. Controversial photos were provided by the Russian VGTRK in the marketing support channel RTR-Planeta ". The channel belongs to a Russian-language package DirecTV, it is the author's program Petrosyan "crooked mirror." "But even if we are wrong, - said Mercer - the amount requested by Petrossian, ridiculous."
Moreover, in the event of winning humorist, Mercer insists that compensation should be paid VGTRK, because it was responsible for the legitimacy of the images. DirecTV filed a related lawsuit in the same New York court.
Reported that VGTRK filed a retaliatory lawsuit to the U.S. operator. How to explain the "Vedomosti" in VGTRK, the company has every right to use the image Petrossian in advertising, but DirecTV has used his photos to promote their own services rather than "grossly violated" a partnership agreement.
Meanwhile, the "live journal" is a community of religious-minded admirers of creativity Petrosian, who has his own version of "icons of national culture."

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