Friday, February 6, 2009

Leading Top Gear, Gordon Brown has called "one-eyed Scottish idiot.

Politics of Scotland calls for" BBC "to restrict the broadcast transmission of the leading Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson for what he called British Prime Minister Gordon Brown" one-eyed Scottish idiot " . This writes The Guardian.
This happened in Australia, where Clarkson had the show Top Gear Live - "live" version of the broadcast. During a press conference, he likened Brown to the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Ruddy, who before that turned the nation speech on the financial crisis.
"The first time I see a leader who recognized that we are deep in shit" - said Clarkson. The situation in Britain, he described this way: "We have a one-eyed Scottish idiot who always tells us that all is well and that he saved the world, and we understand that he is lying, and he continues to convince." Recall, from Gordon Brown does not see one eye.
Members of the Scottish Parliament called on the "BBC" with the requirement not to allow Clarkson to television, yet he did not apologize to the Prime Minister.
This is not the first scandal arising from the fact that Clarkson makes sharp comments. In November 2008, described the life of TV dalnoboyschikov: "Switch the transmission. Switch transfer. Look in the rearview mirror. Kill a prostitute. Switch transfer. Switch the transfer." Thus Clarkson hinted at loud crime has occurred in Britain in 2006. Then dalnoboyschik Steven Wright was found guilty of murdering five young women.

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