Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Georgian radio station will have a day without a Russian songs.

The Georgian radio station supported the call of youth activists, offered for one day refuse to broadcast the songs in Russian. On this, as RIA Novosti, the director of radio station "Voice of Georgia Mamuka Kutchava. What are the specific stations involved (except named) agency did not specify.
Kutchava, for its part, said that taking the decision, the leadership of Voice of Georgia, "" take into account the interests of society. " At the same time, he noted that it was not opposed to the Russian culture.
Manual radio "Imedi", in turn, reported that refused to broadcast Russian-language songs from back in August 2008. According to the editor in chief Nino Gabriadze, it was made in protest against the entry of Russian troops on Georgian territory.
On the proposal to suspend the transfer of songs in Russian was made by the youth organization "Internet forum" reaction. "Representatives of the movement have repeatedly held shares in the Russian embassy in protest against the policy of Russia against Georgia.
This event is scheduled for February 25. It is timed to coincide with the anniversary of entry of the Red Army in Tbilisi, followed by Sovietization Georgia.
Recall that shortly after the August war, protested against the Russian Federation expressed the Georgian cinema: they have ceased to broadcast the films in Russian.

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