Friday, February 6, 2009

Belarusian officials have refused to regulate on-line media.

Ministry of Information of Belarus does not intend to regulate the Internet media, as well as today, the state need not, said Deputy Minister Lilia Ananich, quoted by Interfax. "
According to her, the new law on mass media, which comes into force in Belarus on February 8, does not regulate the procedure for the distribution of online media. In this regard, said Ananich, the Ministry does not lead the development of any regulations.
Under the new law, the media, the Internet must be registered. Registration will be governed not by laws and regulations of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, the activities of any non-Internet media can be suspended.
In addition, the country will be banned registration of mass media, the share of foreign capital in excess of thirty percent. It also introduces compulsory accreditation for foreign journalists.

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